Why I Eliminated Oils From My Routine

February 8, 2019

Hey Beauties! I've gotten so many questions about my decision to cut oils from my routine and I finally had a chance to share more details with you. Some of you also mentioned experiencing breakouts when trying to cut out oils yourself! First of all, I'm so sorry you're dealing with that, it absolutely SUCKS. But I've got all the details on why I decided to cut out oils, how I went about it, and what you should do if you're breaking out because of it.



To be clear, my decision to cut facial oils was not entirely my own. My esthetician at SpaDerma in Lincoln Park insisted that I do so because they were hurting my skin more than they were helping. And tbh, I agree that I was overdoing the oils a bit. They're just so much fun! But my esthe helped me discover that my acne is a result of excessive amounts of oil coupled with hormone imbalances (thx bc). I exfoliate well so dead skin isn't as much of an issue usually. I was so surprised when she told me I needed to eliminate oils because I've never thought of myself as having oily skin! Combo maybe, acneic definitely, but not oily! I was shocked. 


That brings me to my first suggestion: Go see a skincare professional. It isn't cheap, but the consultation alone is worth absolutely every penny. You can ask any blogger for their skincare advice and follow their routine to the letter but it might just not work for you. That's because skin is a very complicated organ and it's unique to absolutely every person! So although you can look into products someone recommends, the best way to ensure you're not wasting your time and money is to go get a professional skincare treatment and talk to your esthetician about what would work best for your skin. By investing in your personal skin education, you'll be able to research products before you buy them to decide whether or not it'll work well for you. 


My next suggestion is to make sure you're still hydrating in some way or another. If you don't have enough moisture in your skin to make up for what the oils were bringing to the table, you'll almost certainly break out. If you think your concern is excess oil, I would suggest a water-based moisturizer that is hydrating but feather-light.Taking all oils out of your routine and failing to properly hydrate is only going to cause your skin to increase oil production in order to overcompensate for the dryness. That in turn will cause major breakouts! My skin always liked Tidal by Sunday Riley but right now I'm using (and loving) PCA Skin's ReBalance Facial Cream. But again, I highly recommend talking to a professional about what your skin would respond best to.


I didn't do anything special to cut oils from my routine, I just stopped using my oil-based products immediately! My skin responded surprisingly well so I promptly returned my brand new bottle of Lapis (real tears) and ditched my new Kosas bronzing palette as well since it was entirely oil-based. I also had to part with my favorite Kosas Tinted Face Oil. It was a sad day, but my skin is thanking me so I'll never regret that decision. If you decide to try cutting oils from your routine, I would suggest doing so a bit more gradually just in case your skin does have an adverse reaction. And make sure you're getting enough hydration in your routine to replace the oils and keep your skin balanced. 


I'll go through my current routines within the next few weeks but in the meantime, try the Mighty Patch Surface for any nasty group breakouts. They're your typical hydrocolloid acne patches, but they have major staying power and are SO much more satisfying to peel off in the mornings than any other I've tried. I love seeing all that shit come out of my face!! 


And finally, try simplifying your routine for a few days and see what your skin thinks. When I'm experiencing a breakout, I like to cut down to just cleanser, toner, essence, moisturizer, and sunscreen (plus the Mighty Patches). And the more soothing the ingredients, the better. I look for ingredients like chamomile, green tea, calendula, and colloidal oatmeal to find the most calming products. 


Hopefully this was helpful to you in some way! If you have more questions, please feel free to comment or reach out on Insta as well. Hope you're having a wonderful Friday, beauties! 


All the love. 

Xx Monique 

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